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BENSONHURST -A new grocery store in Bensonhurst had its soft opening Saturday catering to the Asian community.

Asian supermarket chain J-Mart opened its newest location in Brooklyn, with hundreds marking off items on their weekend shopping list.

The space replaces the former Waldbaums on New Utrecht Avenue.

J-Mart is accommodating local requests to supply a variety of ethnic foods and meet the diversity needs of shoppers in the community.

J-Mart representatives met with local officials last spring to discuss carrying a wide variety of food for a diverse group of residents.

“We wanted to cater to not just the Asian community but all of like, Italians, Russians, Jewish, Muslim — we wanted to cater to everyone,” says David Shao, store manager.

Store managers say as they continue to receive community feedback they will diversify the products and items they have for their customers heading into the official opening date on June 25.

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